Immunology Quality Assessment Program.

IQAP - NIH Nonhuman Primate Reagent Resource

Nonhuman Primate Immunology Quality Assessment Program

This program is designed to assess STATE-OF-THE-ART practices in nonhuman primate lymphocyte immunophenotyping and to allow labs to determine their proficiency relative to other labs.


Benchmark current NHP immunophenotyping practices for:

  • instrumentation
  • reagents
  • methods

Compare actual results obtained by labs analyzing the same specimens for basic lineage phenotype.


Participating labs will complete a questionnaire describing their current immunophenotyping practices.

Labs will receive 5 macaque blood specimens for T-, B- and NK-cell immunophenotyping to test proficiency. Optional testing available for CD45 gating and Memory/naïve determination.

Participants will receive a report indicating their values/performance relative to other labs. Lab identities will be kept confidential.


September 2011

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