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About - NIH Nonhuman Primate Reagent Resource


  • The mission of the Nonhuman Primate Reagent Resource is to facilitate the optimal use of nonhuman primate models in biomedical research by identifying, developing, characterizing and producing reagents for monitoring or modulating immune responses.
  • We distribute unique, non-human primate-specific antibodies for in vitro diagnostics. We also develop and produce primate recombinant antibodies for in vivo cell depletion or modulating immune responses. The Reagent Resource develops and maintains nonhuman primate reference cell lines and immunoglobulins, and is developing anti-Ig reagents for macaque monkeys and other primate species.


  • Researchers in the Division of Viral Pathogenesis at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center have developed and utilized nonhuman primate models to study AIDS pathogenesis and vaccines. This laboratory has maintained an online database of immunologic reagent cross reactivity with different nonhuman primate species since 1996.
  • In 1999, a grant from NCRR established the NIH Nonhuman Primate Reagent Resource. This Resource developed and produced monoclonal antibodies for in vivo depletion of immune cell subpopulations in nonhuman primates.
  • In 2004, the scope of the NIH Nonhuman Primate Reagent Resource was expanded through a contract awarded from NIAID to include the development of new in vivo reagents and production of additional reagents for in vitro diagnostics.
  • The NIAID scientific advisory working group provides advice on prioritizing reagents developed.


  • Reagents developed through this resource are available to all scientists utilizing nonhuman primate models with priority given to U.S. federally-funded investigators. To view reagents currently available, visit the Resource Reagents section of this website. Actual cost of production is recovered for some reagents. All reagents are for research use only.

Support of Nonhuman Primate Research Programs

  • The NIH NonHuman Primate Reagent Resource supports NIH-funded programs, other federally-funded programs, international investigators and industry. In the 2010-2011 budget year, our website received over 20,000 visits, from over 6,000 unique visitors. The Resource received over 500 requests for reagents. It supported over 100 different NIH grants and intramural programs. More than 200 grams of antibody for in vivo administration to nonhuman primates are being produced and distributed each year.