SOPs and Technical Notes

Protocols, operating procedures, and technical notes.


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SOPs - NIH Nonhuman Primate Reagent Resource

In vitro assay and techniques
SOP 04-12Anti-chimeric Ig ELISAKeith Reimann
SOP 05-12H. saimiri transformation of macaque T cellsGabriel Foster
SOP 06-04Fluorometric(nonradioiactive) macaque NK cell assayElisa Choi
SOP 07-02Activation of macaque T cells using plate-bound anti-CD3Jichu Li
SOP 99-01Generating macaque B-LCL with Herpesvirus papioAruna Seth

In vivo assay and techniques
SOP A05-01B lymphocyte depletion using RituxanJoern Schmitz
SOP A06-01CD8+ lymphocyte depletion using cM-T807Keith Reimann

Technical Notes
TN 05-01Amplification of CCR7 stainingJoern Schmitz
TN 05-02Anti-perforin antibodies reactive with macaquesYue Sun
TN 05-03Density gradient isolation of cynomolgus PBMCKeith Reimann
TN 05-04Identifying macaque gamma/delta T cellsXinyue Wang
TN 06-01Identifying macaque alpha/beta T cellsKeith Reimann
TN 06-02Anti-CD4, OKT4, available commerically in 8 colorsKeith Reimann
TN 07-01Nonhuman Primate Immunology Quality Assessment Program: lymphocyte immunophenotyping, September 2006 resultsKeith Reimann
TN 07-02CD39 expression on macaque lymphocytesShama Subramony, Rijian Wang
TN 07-03CD73: macaque protein sequence identity with human and antibody cross reactivityKeith Reimann