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Database of Cross-reactive Commercial Reagents.

Commercial Antibodies - NIH Nonhuman Primate Reagent Resource

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Recent Additions

MNDA CD68 CD169 CD233
CD194 (CCR4) CD186 (CXCR6) CD182 (CXCR2) CXCL10 (IP-10)
CD360 (IL-21R) CD278 (ICOS) CCR10 CD274 (PDL-1)
IL-21 TCR-Valpha-24 IL-23R TIM3
Ki67 CD223 CD199 (CCR9) IFN-alpha

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 Rhes/cyno IFN-alpha-21
 Rhesus CD41
 Rhesus CD8-alpha1
 Rhesus CD401
 Rhesus CD335 (NKp46)1
 Rhesus CD337 (NKp30)1
 Rhesus IFN-gamma1
 Rhesus IL-1-beta1
 Rhesus IL-41
 Rhesus IL-51
 Rhesus IL-121
 Rhesus IL-131
 Rhesus IL-181
 Rhesus TNF-alpha1